The night of falling stars

heyy guys, this post has nothing to do a lot with the blog but I wanted to write it, yesterday was the night of St. Lawrence and then me and my family went to see the shooting stars. Every year we always go to the same place, which is a hill that is completamte the dark and is ideal for stargazing,although it’s a bit cold. Then I’m scared to death because we were in the dark and a cat approached me suddenly (that bravery haha).¬†However I could see 4 shooting stars and I expressed my desire ūüôā although some were fast and I did not do in time ahaha.

and you looked at the stars?


ISABEL MARANT Fall-Winter 2015/16

Wandering through the web I found these photos of a fashion show they did recently, and it seemed nice comment on them together with you

sincerely the jersey number 1 in the picture is pretty, but I do not like those high-waisted pants, arrive to the neck! The fancy pants is very beautiful and I LOVE those amphibians

in the picture n2 the shirt is too transparent, you can see the tits!However pants are cute, though I have not yet figured out if they are leather or something else, but I like the idea of rhinestones on the sides

p3:okay I like very much because it is not a dress but a skirt and a sweater separated and I love the idea of being able to combine with something else

number 4 in the photo do not like anything haha¬†maybe fantasy jacket,but…no

source: Isabel Marant’s site

Terminator elegant style

Sorry if it’s a long time since I write, but I was really committed.DSC01085

Yesterday I went to see Terminator Genisys and this was my outfit. Okay, maybe it was a little too elegant to go to the movies but I had this shirt for a year and I wore it only once and I felt guilty every time I saw her instill the closet. If you like I bought it from Stradivarius and there are a lot of nice clothes in that shop,you should definitely take a look!

The film still it was very nice, although at times I got a bit scared (when the characters appeared¬†suddenly ahaha). Yeah, I’m¬†the only person who gets scared watching Terminator.

How to: lighten hair naturally in 10 ways

Do you want to lighten your hair but they are too delicate and get ruined with bleach?Or you are an adolescent and your mom does not want to buy hair dye?No problem!You can lighten them naturally! Here are some tips:

1)With camomile:Take about 4/5 chamomile tea bags (if you have long hair even more), then put water in a saucepan until it reaches a boil and put the bags inside. then you go to the shower and wash your hair normally, used as a final rinse chamomile (obviously cooled XD) and then head to dry your hair in the sun for a better result

Repeat every time you wash your hair

2)With beer:take a blond beer,drink it pour it in a bowl and immerse the hair for about 5 minutes (if you have dark hair for a little more time)finally, them dry in the sun and after you go to take a shower(unless you want to stink of beer like an alcoholic)

Repeat every time you wash your hair

3)With the lemon:take two lemons and squeeze them, then dilute the juice with a little of water, put in your hair and let it dry in the sun.The lemon ruin a little hair then so it is advisable to add water, but if you are crazy like me can put just the juice and hair will become blond even if you ruin a little.But to strengthen them can do a compress-nutrient, I’ll do a post on this tomorrow

4)The honey:put honey on the hair and remain so for about an hour and then wash your hair.Honey in addition to lighten strengthens them because it is also a nutrient

5)The egg:even the egg lightens hair then cracked an egg on his head put an egg in your hair and stay that way for about 30 minutes

6)Baking soda: mix baking soda and water and put it in your hair, rub as if it were a shampoo and wait one hour

7)The oil:as you do with other methods,put the oil on the hair and remain so for about an hour and then wash your hair.

8)The swimming pool or the sea: It sounds silly but the water increases the strength of UVA and then if you go to the beach or in a swimming pool and soak in water slowly your hair will become brighter

9)Cinnamon:Mix the cinnamon with the balm until a thick paste and put it on the hair. Let it sit for about 3-4 hours, if you prefer you can put a cap and leave it overnight.

10)A set of all these:for lighten  you hair very much you can make the dough with

cinnamon + chamomile + lemon + honey+oile

chamomile + shea butter + honey

Chamomile + honey + lemon + egg+ curry

I hope you enjoyed the post ..thanks and remember to subscribe and comment ūüôā